A real story of love and loss of a Pet.

Hard to cope, but sometime it is great that they are already resting and not suffering.

Hard to cope, but sometime it is great that they are already resting and not suffering.

I was so sad and upset when one of my dogs from the Philippines past away.

Her name is “Snowy” a white dog that looks like a real snow on the ground.

White smooth hair, beautiful brown eyes, expressive face and wonderful smile.

We adopted her seven year ago from a dog foundation back home.

A street dog that have a hard life, suffered, injured and neglected.

We are so happy when she come home to us and got all fixed and heal, she loves the sun rays from the balcony. It’s been rough years dealing with her, but so much hope that you can see through her eyes. So many moments that I cannot forget with her with my friends and my family.

She’s one of a kind. We moved to Canada, and it’s been hard to leave her. I was happy that I have a family and my other dog that can take care of her and play with her.

June 13th of this year, she passed away because of heat stroke. I was devastated and upset and mixed emotions. I cannot concentrate. She’s playing on my mind. World stops working for me.

She’s been a such a wonderful family member, a loyal friend and full of hope to us.

Now, she’s gone resting. Tears in my eyes and my family. We love you Snowy and i am sad that I cannot be there for you when it happens but i truly knew this is better for you now that your resting. Thank you for the wonderful treasure memories. We admire you for your strength and chances that you take through all the pain you been through. We will always remember that Snowy, the street dog that never give up and really tried hard to be a part of everything.

A Letter for Snowy…

Your such a unique creature, that will deeply remarked our heart forever. You will always be my Princess dog and thank you for all the love you give to us.

Your power of strength and able to survive through hardness of life is such a great way to inspire us. If a dog can do it, we and everyone can. I may not see you when you died, but I promise your name and your beautiful character will always be a part of us.

I love you so much. I hope you forgive us for not being there.



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