The Magic of Coconut

This is normally what I purchased at Costco.

One of the best beauty secrets I have used since I was young is the coconut or (“Buko”) in Philippine language.

I drink coconut water everyday to refresh me and it provides antioxidants for the body.

If you are prone to acne like me coconut water can provide hydration and clear up your skin.

I normally have one coconut drink per day. Coconut water is full of natural ingredients that our body needs. Works the best too, for digestion, blood pressure and weight loss.

Back home, most woman used coconut water for the hair which makes it strong, shiny and healthy. Since I moved to Canada until now I still have this routine that I been doing three to four times a week.

After my workout, I normally grab two spoons of coconut cream that you can get from Costco big container cost between $20 to $25 and last you 3 months or more. I rub the coconut cream through my hair and target my split ends to nourish it. Coconut cream work great if you don’t like having your hair trimmed that often or you want longer hair. I definitely see a huge improvement and it makes my hair so healthy and shiny for a cheap price.

Coconut is a fabulous way of substituting for a lotion, shaving cream and body scrub. I am using the coconut cream that you can get from Costco as my daily lotion. My skin feels smoother, shinier and healthier. I also use it before and after shaving.

For a natural and cheaper exfoliate use the coconut cream and add brown sugar in it and exfoliate your skin throughly and softly.

Coconut oil can be used as well for cooking. It’s full of amazing natural ingredients for the body that promotes protection against cancer, high cholesterol, inflammation, and boosts your immune function.

I am posting a picture of the one I normally buy from Costco that I use in my daily living.

Stay Beautiful


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